Service Offerings
Cathy Taylor Career Services (CTCS) offers a complete array of coaching services designed to support a candidate in each critical phase of his/her career change:

Career Planning - determining what a job seeker wants to do, is qualified to do, and/or is ready to do is the most critical step in career path determination.  Through a series of brainstorming and coaching sessions, CTCS will illuminate career path possibilities.

Job Search Strategy - CTCS will help the job seeker determine where go to network with possible influencers for his/her next career step; target best sites and resources to approach to apply for possible jobs; research organizations and opportunities where candidates will find his/her next best opportunity;  and, build an organized approach to the job search process.

Resume and Cover Letter Services - CTCS offers complete resume and cover letter writing services.  From a minor edit to an entire creation of these critical documents, CTCS has the expertise to help.

Interviewing Preparation and Techniques - being prepared for an important interview - whether it is on the phone, on a video or in person - is one of the most critical stages of getting a job. CTCS offers expert coaching about:
* how to make a job seeker stand out by doing appropriate research,
* practicing possible interview questions,
* asking strategic questions of the interviewer, and
* using phrases and language that makes the job seeker more
  professional, cutting edge, and confident to get the offer.
* How to dress and first impression coaching is also available.

Securing the Offer - negotiation of a final offer can be daunting and complicated.  CTCS offers expert advice that focuses on what a job seeker needs to know to make sure he/she is taking his/her next best career step.   This would include coaching about:
* assurance that the role that is accepted is what the job seeker is expecting,
* determining (as much as possible) if the organization's culture and the people             with whom the job seeker would be working are compatible to the job seeker's             personality and work style,
* compensation and offer negotiation, and
* determining details about giving notice to a current employer.

Keeping Spirits Up - is an ongoing necessity in the job seeking process.  It can be tough and discouraging to stay motivated and remain upbeat if the process lasts for months (which it can).  Cathy Taylor is known for her positive attitude and ability to make people feel energized.  This type of coaching/counseling  is ongoing in any of the above mentioned services in her firm's offering.

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